A note of thanks


Read this lovely testimonial from one of our new mums with a beautiful baby girl born on 19th January who completed IMPROvED at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS (Keele Research Centre):

Illu_ThankYou_pen.jpg"As any first time mother, I was slightly skeptical when Tracey Harrison, my IMPROvED Research Midwife, contacted me to be a part of their current study. Due to previously losing one baby earlier on in the year at four months, I was extremely anxious in regards to being pregnant again and didn't know if being a part of this study would stretch my emotions further. I agreed to meet with Tracey at my 12 week scan appointment for further details at my Local Health Centre and after listening to not only details of the study and their objective of recruiting mothers but also the added bonus of having extra health checks for myself and baby, I was sold.
I can honestly say from there on I couldn't of wished for a better point of contact for support to ease my worries. I have attended all four of the research study sessions with either Tracey or Louise and with every meeting I have left feeling reassured and more relaxed about my pregnancy. Their fantastic interpersonal skills have made me feel totally comfortable asking the most random of questions being a first time mum suffering with anxiety, and have actually felt like I had a point of contact who would be willing to go above their job role to make me actually enjoy being pregnant. I can not stress how grateful I am to have met both Tracey and Louise these past nine months. Due to recent worries about my upcoming due date and high risk birth they have kindly given up time in their busy diaries to met with me to iron out any concerns I have, and have made me feel like I have a support network at the Hospital that I can depend on to ease my worries and hopefully deliver in a safe and comfortable environment.
I would strongly recommend and encourage any mother to take part in any of these studies as not only are you aiding in vital research to improve medical knowledge but like myself have built a fantastic relationship with two wonderful and thoughtful ladies who have made my pregnancy journey a great deal more comfortable and enjoyable by exceeding their job role and responsibilities. I can not thank you enough for everything you have done,