Expected Impact of Solutions Developed by IMPROvED

The project will demonstrate that development and application of new and improved technologies in the respective fields of metabolomics and proteomics can lead to truly novel screening tests. These tests can significantly reduce the burden of individual patients as well as the burden on healthcare costs and society of a major healthcare problem: pre-eclampsia. IMPROvED will thus lead to:

  • Uptake of personalised medicine into clinical practice – reducing the disease burden on mothers and babies
  • Demonstration of the benefit of synergistic personalised medicine approaches
  • Facilitation of high calibre research
  • Development of novel treatment strategies
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Increase competitiveness of Europe in this area
  • A positive impact in the relevant industry

Development of a predictive test and its application in a personalised medicine approach to stratify first time pregnant mothers would be a first and key step in the reduction and eventual prevention of the life-threatening complications of pre-eclampsia.